Saturday, June 9, 2012

A few pictures from Santa Fe.  We had a set back right after my last post we had to get Jim to the ER.  He is doing better now, but it sure gave us a scare.  We are a day behind and anxious to get home.
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We are now in Oklahoma City and a mere 12 hours from home.  Can't wait to get back to my favorite sight on the planet.......The faces of our loved ones!!!!!  We miss everyone!
a little music in the park


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

It's day 22 of our excellent adventure.  We have arrived in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Yesterday and the day before at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon were amazing.  There really are no words to describe the vastness of that place.  We arrived there on Monday afternoon and our room was just steps away from a viewing area.  We were so pleased we asked to reserve a second night.  Yesterday we enjoyed a very informative bus tour.  The bus took us to the beautiful look out points where we took pictures and took in the incredible views.  Our last stop was at Hopi point in time to relax and watch the sun set over the Canyon.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Finally made it to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon

Went to the Griffith Observatory near Lon and Chris yesterday afternoon and then for a really wonderful dinner at "Duke's" in Malibu right on the ocean.  Finally rested up we drove today from LA to the Grand Canyon this time the South Rim.  Once again I called this morning hoping for a room and we got one just steps away from another breathtaking view.  We are crashing early tonight and plan to take a bus tour tomorrow.

Will post pictures from the Canyon tomorrow.  We got our first look tonight.  AMAZING!!!!!!!

Taking a break during our long drive to the Canyon today.

That famous HOLLYWOOD sign is right behind us, but you can't see it because our heads are in the way!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Had planned on seeing Yosemite yesterday,  however the elevation heading up there proved to be too much for Jim and so we turned around and headed for Los Angeles instead (....surprise Lon and we are again a day early!)  Their home here is beautiful and I have spent most of the morning taking pictures in the garden while Jim has been resting.  We are very content just to simply take in the view here, enjoy the company and rest up.  You can see why.......

The view from the house
Kinda says "Welcome" doesn't it?  "Come and rest awhile."
Just a little corner of the garden